6 Month Warranty


All electronic products have a complimentary 6 month (180 day, unless listed otherwise on the product page) limited warranty starting from the date of shipment honored through the original manufacturer of the part. We do not set warranty terms nor have any say on if a warranty claim is accepted by the manufacturer. All warranty claims have a value limit set by the manufacturer. Once this value limit has been met, further warranty claims cannot be honored (this value limit is normally 1x full replacement cost).

This warranty only covers manufacturing defects directly related to the product. It does not cover any cases caused by or related to improper installation, user error, road damage, environmental wear/damage, and defects from other parts. 

We are not liable for any damages related to the product nor the user's vehicle by the use of our products. The customer assumes all liability when purchasing, installing, and operating any of our products. 

We require all of customers to do a proper troubleshooting test and document the entire process through video. If these steps are not followed, a replacement will NOT be issued.

Once the troubleshooting steps are completed and documented, a replacement piece will be shipped out immediately (if in stock) to the customer. We may require customers to ship the defective piece back to us (return shipping label will be provided); Once the defective piece is received, it will be tested by our team again. If the item is not defective, the customer’s warranty will be voided and we will no longer support any customer warranty requests.

Defective headlights must be shipped back to the manufacturer at the customer's expense (customer covers return shipping fee / manufacturer covers new item shipping fee or 50/50 split of cost of new item shipping fee if a return is not requested by XGENAUTO).

Defective tail lights do not need to be shipped back unless otherwise specified. 

Any replacements or warranty service provided do not come with additional manufacturer warranty. All warranty replacement and service requests must be received within the 6 month time limit from date of shipment. 

Physical, non electronic products do not come with a warranty. 

For orders shipped outside of the contiguous United States (ie. Hawaii, Alaska, Guam, US Territories, & International) any and all warranty related shipping costs must be covered by the customer. 

This warranty policy is final and non-negotiable. By purchasing any items from www.xgenauto.com the customer is agreeing to accept and abide by this warranty policy.

XGENAUTO reserves the right to void a warranty for any reason.