When you join our Partners Program you will automatically get 20% off any products for yourself, a personalized discount link for your followers, access to exclusive new unreleased products and much more! We are on a mission to provide the best premium modifications and parts for the automotive community. Help us spread the word and be a part of #teamxgenauto


Who We Are Looking For:

  • A genuine love and support of our mission and the car modification scene
  • Comprehensive knowledge regarding your vehicle platform
  • Willingness to engage directly with our customers to answer questions
  • Desire to grow the XGENAUTO brand and their own following
  • 4 in-feed posts each month (photo or video) showcasing XGENAUTO products
  • 2 IG story each week featuring XGENAUTO products
  • Partners cannot be affiliated with a competing parts brand/company Applications
  • Partnerships are re-evaluated every 6 months. Current term Feb - Jun 2024

Applications End January 31, 2024

Now Accepting Applications For The Following Vehicle Platforms

  • Honda Accord 11th Gen
  • Honda Accord 10th Gen
  • Honda Accord 9th Gen
  • Honda Civic 11th Gen
  • Honda Civic 10th Gen
  • Toyota Camry 8th Gen
  • Toyota FT 86 / GR 86
  • Toyota GR Supra MK5
  • Tesla